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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm the Worst Blogger Ever

I know, I know! We have had very little time and frankly, when we have had time to be on the computer, I've been too exhausted to write anything that would be even mildly interesting to anyone with literacy beyond the first grade. I WILL get caught up.

We left Italy yesterday and traveled by plane to Athens and then by bus to Delphi. The entire vibe of the trip changed when we got to Greece. It feels much more relaxed and calm. Italy was beautiful and amazing and educational, but a little chaotic and rushed and frenetic. We will function at a slower pace here in Greece, which will be welcomed by all.

On a more personal note, I actually may be leaving early. My 94-year-old grandmother, who lives in Dallas and to whom I am very close, is not doing well at all. I am in the process of deciding when I am going to leave and how to arrange all that. It's been very trying, to say the least...and another reason I've been avoiding the blog.

About to head out again to lunch, which, for me, will consist of SALAD and CHICKEN...we had very little of either in Italy. I've eaten more bread and pasta in the last week than I've eaten in the past three months at home. My body is rebelling and demanding protein and veggies. We are in Delphi, which sits in the mountains overlooking the Sea of Corinth (I think...). It is beautiful and friendly and peaceful.

More later....

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