Whether I'm trying my best to not fall off an Icelandic glacier, or standing in an ice-cold stream in Austria, or watching a lioness snack on a zebra on the African plains, or (more often) just sitting at my desk overhearing 16-year-old girl gossip, every day's a holly-day for me.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tanzania, Houston Has a Problem

OK, so I just weighed my backpack and my camera bag, both of which I will be carrying on my body quite a bit during the safari. 29 pounds. Perfect! Except that the backpack only has my sleeping bag, sleeping mat and collapsable chair in it. That's it. No clothes. No stash of granola bars and almonds. No mosquito net or cute floppy hat. No toiletries, no tripod, no Tevas. The guy at REI told me not to carry more than one fourth of my body weight on my back. (He added "one third if you're in really good shape." OK, so one fourth.) I need to gain 60 pounds this weekend.


  1. 30 lbs??? Thats it??I used to hump a ruck that weighed 100 lbs!!! You can do it, trust me!

  2. Holly, I can't wait to read about all of your adventures!