Whether I'm trying my best to not fall off an Icelandic glacier, or standing in an ice-cold stream in Austria, or watching a lioness snack on a zebra on the African plains, or (more often) just sitting at my desk overhearing 16-year-old girl gossip, every day's a holly-day for me.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Brace Yourself!

We've made it to the gate and haven't lost a kid yet. I got to ride in an airport cart for the first time ever bc of "the foot" issue. I'm sporting a very fashionable Velcro brace, which has helped greatly. 
The ride on the cart was surprisingly "breezy" - they move quickly! Headed for a five hour layover in Boston. By this time tomorrow, I'll be soaking in the Blue Lagoon. 

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